The New Ectopic Wilson Reservoir Clamp (NEWRC)


The NEWRC is longer than the current ectopic clamp. It is designed to create an ectopic location for the prosthetic reservoir in the lower abdomen.

I have used the (New Wilson Ectopic Reservoir) Clamp with great success. Very nice design.

J. Francois Eid, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Urology Weill-Cornell Medical College Director, Advanced Urological Care, PC



The NEWRC was conceived and is recommended by Dr. Steve Wilson.SKW picture

Steven K. Wilson, MD, FACS, FRCS
Editor-In-Chief ISSM Video Journal of Prosthetic Urology
2007 Wilson Chair of Prosthetic Urology, U of AR
2010 St. Paul’s Medal: British Association Urologic Surgeons
2013 F Brantley Scott Award of Excellence
2017 Living Legend Award: Society Urologic Prosthetic Surgeons
Former Professor Urology: University of AR for Medical Sciences