Mooreville Needle Introducer


The first new needle introducer in 40 years. The Furlow Needle Introducer was made available 40 years ago. Recently, it was noted that the Furlow design, which is closed system, can harbor proteinaceous material in its interior and thus bacteria, which can be a source of contamination at the time of the prosthesis introduction ( This dooms the implant and can be disastrous to the patient. The Mooreville Needle Introducer has an open design made from two halves which come apart for easy cleaning and sterilization. 


Key Benefits

Smooth surface. No indents to collect bacteria. Comes apart for internal cleaning.

Technical Aspects

18 cm long, 9 mm wide. Introducer is made of two mirror image halves, which can come apart, and form a central channel, when together, through which the pusher travels.


Made from surgical steel. Can be resterilized.


Pricing: $1099


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