Monitor for Urologic Resection Fluid

The Uramix Monitor of Urologic Resection Fluid – MURF – is a portable electronic fluid monitor, which monitors fluid use during urologic endoscopic procedures, and provides sound alerts to allow for the timely replacement of fluid bags. This avoid unnecessary interruptions during the procedure or increased vision obscuring bleeding.


Key Benefits

Easy to use and improves fluid management during endoscopic procedures.

Method of Use

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Power on/off:
  • Hang the device first on the pole used to hang the fluid bags without any bags on it.
  • Pres “ON/OFF” key. The screen will display (8888) and the buzzer will utter the sound of being turned on.
  • Wait for 2-3 seconds until the (0.00 or 0.000) is displayed on the screen. The device is ready for monitoring.
  • Press the “TARE” key (zero) and the screen will display “0.000”. The device is ready for monitoring.
  • Hang one or two fluid bags on the device hook. The screen will display the weight/volume of the bags.
  • The device monitors fluid use and will give several sound warnings to warn operator when it is time to switch or replace fluid bags.
  • The device will give distinct warning sounds at 250 ml and at 100 ml of actual fluid to give the operator time to get ready to either switch bags or replace bags. The actual reading on the monitor might be different as the device also takes into consideration the weight of the bag or bags (up to two).
Power off:
  • Press “ON/OFF” key to turn off.
  • The electronic monitor will not auto turn off; user should turn it off manually.


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  • Prevents running out of fluid during critical parts of procedures
  • Easy to use – connects between hanging pole and bags
  • Provides sound alerts to notify surgical staff to change bags before they are empty
  • Helps prevent “red outs” (loss of visibility)
  • Helps prevent clot formation during “red outs”
  • Avoids delays in procedure time
  • Adds to patient safety

Technical Aspects

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  • Electronic Fluid Monitor (uses 2 AAA batteries)
  • Portable/compact
  • Pocket size
  • Reusable
  • High accuracy
  • Reliable performance



Monitor for Urologic Resection Fluid: $355 for one, $595 for two
SKU# 5501

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